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Access your Digital Mailbox 24/7 by logging online or using our app.
View and manage your mail anywhere in the world.
Scan, forward, shred or recycle your mail with one click.

Step by Step

1) click on Access button below

2) click on forgot password

3) write your email 

4) create new password



(The plans below are only available to customers who already have a physical mailbox with us and would like to add a virtual service plan)

Standard Physical Mailboxes

US$ 9.99 / month

US$ 99.99 / year


Incoming Mail 90 / month

Premium Physical Mailboxes

US$ 14.99 / month

US$ 149.99 / year


Incoming Mail 150 / month


Helpful Information

  Q. I am a physical mailbox customer and I want to maintain the digital mailbox service in July?

Access your digital mailbox account, go to “billing”, click on “payment” and add your credit card information. The platform will do the charge on the 5th of every month in accordance with your plan.
Q. What are the plans available?

Access our website ( , click on “digital mailbox, click on “Plans and FAQ”, click on “full details” to have the incomplete information for each plan.

Q. What are my options for the length of my subscription?

Each plan offers two different options, you can either subscribe to monthly payments or you can subscribe to yearly payments.

Q. I followed the step-by-step to access my digital mailbox and it did not recognize my email. What do I do?

Get in contact with the store where you have the physical mailbox via phone or email. (

Q. How can I change or cancel my digital mailbox plan?

Get in contact with the store where you have your physical mailbox via phone or email. (

Q. Can I still get my mail and packages regularly at the store?

Yes, you will continue to have regular access to your physical mailbox to pick up your mail and letters during regular business hours without having to schedule a pick-up and with no additional cost. 

Q. Can I request the forwarding of any letter and/or package through the digital mailbox, including internationally?

Yes, we are available to help and process the forwarding of your items nationally or internationally. Keeping in mind that for international shipments, taxes and duties may be charged in the destination country.

Q. Can I forward my mail to different addresses? 

Yes, you may choose a forwarding address and set it up on your renter dashboard. Simply click on the "Settings" tab, then click "Forwarding Addresses" found on the left-side of the screen. Click the "Add" button to update your forwarding address.

Q. Can I choose for the system to be automatically request all my incoming mail to be opened & scanned?

Yes, you can select to have all incoming mail automatically opened and scanned when it arrives. On the top menu, click on "Settings", on the side menu click on "Customizations", then click on "+" button and check the box. Please note, fees may be charged depending on your plan.
Q. How can I update my payment method? 

Click on "Billing" on the top menu, on the left select "Payment", then enter your credit card information. Click on "Submit" Button.

Q. I want to access my digital mailbox through the app on my cellphone, how can I do that?

Download the app "Anytime Mailbox Renter App" on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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