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DIGITAL MAILBOXES - Your own address in the United States!

Digital MailBox

You can have your own address at the US POSTAL CENTER to receive your boxes.

Whenever we receive a box in your name for your Digital Mailbox, you will receive an email notification and you will be able to request redirection according to your shipping choices.

We have different shipping prices, due to our volume and good relationship with transport companies.


Consolidation or Repackaging of your boxes

If necessary, we can combine your boxes into a single box, minimizing shipping costs. We have all the necessary shipping material to repackage safely. This service is already included for customers with Digital Mailbox. (Note: Shipping material used is not included)



American Post Office that uses Correio Brasileiro for delivery in Brazil.

Maximum weight: 66 lbs/30Kgs

Maximum size:

Rule 1 - Neither side can be 36 in/92 cm

Rule 2 - Combined length + circumference ((height + width) x 2) = 79 in/200 cm

Maximum value of goods to be imported: U$3,000

Taxation: 60% on the customs value (goods value + shipping + insurance). ICMS may be charged according to the state of destination. Tax exemption on imports of goods up to US$50.

Restrictions: Alcoholic drinks, tobacco and tobacco products. Medications are permitted and it is necessary to present a medical prescription at the time of release. Medicines are tax free.

Note1. You access the "My Imports" environment, where the customer will have to register that will give access to information on all objects linked to their profile and tax payment methods. In this same environment, the customer will be able to make payments and dispute the amounts. The deadline for paying taxes and postal services is up to 30 calendar days after the date of release of the order by the Federal Revenue Service. For more information about customs clearance, visit the link:

Note2. We recommend sending an Invoice of the goods for customs inspection.


Courier (FEDEX, DHL e UPS)

Private transport companies that work with international door-to-door deliveries.

Maximum weight: 150 lbs/68Kgs

Maximum measurement: Length 108 in/274 cms or combined length + circumference

(height x 2 + width x 2) = 130 in/330 cms

Maximum value of goods to be imported: U$3,000

Taxation: 60% of the value of the goods and 18% ICMS. You may also be charged handling, shipping and storage fees. It is mandatory to send an Invoice with values ​​including the recipient's CPF.

Restrictions: Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tobacco products, medicines and products intended for commercial purposes.

Note: More information on fees and taxes for each company.





Advantages of using the US POSTAL CENTER.

  • We specialize in orders to Brazil, having more than 10 years of experience in international cargo, and can assist with taxes applied by the Federal Revenue Service.

  • Due to our volume and good relationship with transport companies, we have the best prices on the shipping market to Brazil.

  • We are located in the largest cargo hub in the USA. (Newark-NJ). Close to Newark airport, Port of Newark, and the most important railways and highways in the country.

How to hire our services?

Contact one of our agencies listed below by phone or email.

US Postal Center

110 Jabez St

Newark, NJ, USA 07105

+1 (973) 817-9001

146-B Ferry St

Newark, NJ, USA 07105

+1 (862) 240-9911

188 Jefferson St

Newark, NJ, USA 07105

+1 (973) 900-5644

540 North Ave

Union, NJ, USA 07083

+1 (908) 398-2744

719 2nd Ave

New York, NY, USA 10016

+1 (646) 649-4393

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